Academy Program Choices and Fees

We offer Full-Day and Half-Day Preschool Options

Full-Days: any time between 7am–6pm | Children must arrive no later than 9:45am

Half-Days: 9am–12pm only

  • Breakfast (7am–8am), lunch and two snacks are provided on full-day preschool programs.
  • One snack is provided in the half-day preschool program.
  • A 20% discount is provided when enrolling more than one child. Discount is taken off the lowest tuition.
  • Half-day program not offered in the K1 classroom.

One-time Registration Fee: $55.00/family

Annual Curriculum Fee: K1 $52.00 | K2 $77.00 | K3 $97.00 | K4 $107.00


Weekly Rates

5 full-days$175.00
3 full-days$105.00

Monthly Rates (5% discount given for monthly rates)

5 full-days$699.84
3 full-days$419.90

K2 Not Potty-Trained

Weekly Rates

5 full-days$175.00
5 half-days$125.00
3 full-days$105.00
3 half-days$75.00

Monthly Rates (5% discount given for monthly rates)

5 full-days$720.42
3 full-days$432.25

K2 Potty-Trained

Weekly Rates

5 full-days$165.00
5 half-days$120.00
3 full-days$99.00
3 half-days$72.00

Monthly Rates (5% discount given for monthly rates)

5 full-days$679.25
3 full-days$407.55

K3 & K4

Weekly Rates

5 full-days$155.00
5 half-days$115.00
3 full-days$93.00
3 half-days$69.00

Monthly Rates (5% discount given for monthly rates)

5 full-days$638.08
3 full-days$382.85

K-5th Grade

Full-Day (during Fall, Winter & Spring Breaks)

Before Care (7am until bus comes): 1–3 days$39.00
Before Care (7am until bus comes): 4–5 days$65.00

After Care (bus drop off until 6pm): 1–3 days$39.00
After Care (bus drop off until 6pm): 4–5 days$65.00

AM Bus Transportation: Reagan, Lincoln,
Cardinal and Delaware Trail Elementary Schools

Before and After Care: 1–3 days                       $54.00
Before and After Care: 4–5 days$90.00

Camp Victory (During Summer Months)

Supply Fee: $60.00/child

K2 Not Potty-Trained$175.00/week
K2 Potty-Trained$165.00/week
K3 & K4$155.00/week
KidZone (K–5th grade)$135.00/week